What is bleed?
Bleed is a printing term that refers to graphics or design elements which extend beyond the print edge of your page and thereby allows the trimmed product to have no unprinted edges. CLICK HERE for a visual guide.
What file formats should I use?
PDF or JPEG allows us to work with your files, and at the same time they limit any compatibility issues that may arise. Microsoft office programs can substitute fonts without any warning giving rise to layout and font errors. If you are working in Microsoft office, simply go to the ‘Save as’ instruction, scroll down on the format list until you find .pdf and save.
What is the difference between Laser and Inkjet printing?
Laser Printing involves a process of heating toner powder onto paper to create an image. Inkjet printing involves liquid ink being sprayed onto paper via tiny nozzles to create an image.
When should my work be litho printed?
Litho printing is a similar process to inkjet printing in that liquid ink is used to create an image on paper, but on a much larger scale. Your job should be litho printed when you have long runs (bulk printing), when colour matching is paramount or very high quality printing is an issue for you. Litho is however not economical on shorter runs and is not as flexible or responsive (i.e. longer turnaround times) as digital laser printing.

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